Get up. Get here. Recover.

Physical Therapists

  • Alaina Rempel

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.Sc.(P.T.)

  • Alexi Carleton

    B.Sc.(Geol), M.P.T.

  • Amber Rollack

    B.Sc.(P.T.), M.Cl.Sc., Cert.Med.Acup., C.G.I.M.S., F.C.A.M.P.T.

  • Anne-Marie Graham (partner)

    B.Sc.(P.T.), Cert.Med.Acup., C.A.F.C.I., S.P.C. (Dip.)

  • Betsy Mawdsley

    B.Sc.(P.E.), M.P.T.

  • Braden Polreis

    B.Sc.(PHPY), M.P.T.

  • Chad Magee

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Curtis Gasmo

    B.Sc.(Biochem), B.Sc.(P.T.)

  • Darren Johnson

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Dean Watson

    B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P., M.P.T., C.G.I.M.S.

  • Denise Cherkas

    B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, Cert.Med.Acup., SPD (Cert)

  • Derek Bisaro

    B.Sc.(Bio), M.P.T., Dip.Manip.PT, FCAMPT

  • Erica Gasmo

    B.Sc.(Kin), B.Sc.(P.T.)

  • Faye Georget

    B.Sc.(Nutr), B.Sc.(PT)

  • Jaclyn Gaucher (partner)

    B.Sc.(P.T.), B.Sc.(Kin), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT

  • Jason Coulthard

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Jeff Gabrush

    B.Sc.(Biochem), M.P.T.

  • Jenna Wood

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Jolene Wilson

    B.Sc.(P.T.), C.A.F.C.I.

  • Kathy Warkentin


  • Katie Crockett

    Ph.D.(HSc), B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Kent Earle

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T., C.G.I.M.S.

  • Kristen Allen

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Leah White

    B.Kin., M.P.T., C.A.F.C.I.

  • Linda James

    B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.PT., FCAMPT, B.S.P.E., C.G.I.M.S.

  • Megan Woloschuk

    B.Sc.(Anat & Cell Bio), B.Sc.(Biochem), M.P.T.

  • Melissa Turk

    B.Sc.(P.T.), FCAMPT

  • Michael Vandevan

    B.Sc.(P.T.), B.Sc.(Kin)

  • Richard Bourassa (partner)

    B.P.T., M.Sc., Dip.Manip.PT., FCAMPT

  • Sydney Beaudette

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Tara Lester

    B.Sc.(Bio), M.P.T.

  • Tyler Friesen (partner)

    B.Sc.(Biochem), B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, C.G.I.M.S.

Occupational Therapists

  • Ryan Dueck

    B.Sc.(Kin), BMR, O.T. Reg.(Sask), M.Sc.

  • Janelle Parnitsky

    B.E.S.S., M.O.T., O.T.Reg.(Sask)

Exercise Physiologists

  • Chad Loverin

    B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.

  • Darryl Vasko

    B.Sc.(P.E.), C.E.P.

  • Dean Hoscheit

    B.P.E., C.E.P.

  • Janine McNevin

  • Jolene Blixt

    B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.

  • Kelsey Bohachewski

    B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.

Get up. Get here. Recover.

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. Get back in the game.

Get up. Get here. Recover.

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. Get back in the game.