Get up. Get here. Recover.
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TeleHealth Appointments

Telehealth appointments are a safe way to address many physical injuries/conditions while respecting physical distancing.

sore shin injury

Do I ice or heat my injury?

People often ask, “Do I ice or heat my injury?” The answer varies depending on the kind of injury and the time frame it occurred.

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Snow Shovelling Safety Tips

As autumn fades and summer becomes a distant memory, we turn towards a Canadian tradition as old as time itself; shovelling snow. Make sure you are prepared to tackle your winter chores with these safety tips.


Re-opening after COVID-19

All Bourassa and Associates Rehabilitation Centre offices across the province are open for in person care.

Undo the Damage of Sitting

Spending the majority of the day sitting can have many damaging effects such as weight gain, postural related neck and back pain, and headaches. Fortunately, there are ways to undo the damage of sitting.

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Balance, Dizziness & Falls

1 in 3 seniors will experience a fall each year. Risks of problems with dizziness, reduced balance and falls increase as we age. Physical therapy can help!

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Easing Arthritis with Home Care

Joint pain from arthritis is a common problem that may be improved through low impact exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and good posture.

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How to Train for a 5K

A 5K is a challenging but achievable marathon distance. Select a training plan, focus on injury prevention, and start slow to be ready for race day.

Get up. Get here. Recover.

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. Get back in the game.

Get up. Get here. Recover.

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. Get back in the game.

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