older adult gripping her sore hand because of arthritis


Do you have stiff joints and swelling? Is your range of motion limited? Physiotherapy is an effective treatment to ease arthritis pain.

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older adult experiencing back pain and sciatica

Back Pain

Back pain is a common chronic condition that affects many people. Physical therapy can prevent back pain conditions and also speed up recovery time.

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older adult experiencing knee pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be severe and limiting. Physical therapy can build the muscles around your knee to provide support and pain relief.

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Tinnitus affecting a young woman


The sensation of ringing in your ears is an actual condition referred to as Tinnitus. If you are suffering from tinnitus then physiotherapy treatment can help.

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woman experiencing tmj and jaw pain

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder

If your jaw is tight after a long day or you notice a headache that starts near your jawline you may be suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder. Passive and manual physiotherapy treatments can help relieve your pain.

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driver in car with whiplash


You may have whiplash if you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, sustained a sports injury, or experienced an injury at work that left your neck stiff and weak.

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