Setting a New Years Resolution to improve your physical health

This Will Be the Year I ...

Regain my range of motion

Reduce my arthritis pain

Run a Marathon

Ride a bike again

Treat myself right

Hike more

Eat better

Play at the park with my grandchildren

Regain my physical confidence

Work without constant back pain

Reduce the occurrence of headaches

Lose some unhealthy weight

Return to playing my favourite sport

Sleep better and feel more productive

Get back doing the things you enjoy!

Threw your back out while helping your daughter move into her new apartment? Does that knee twinge that won’t go away hold you back from walking at the lake? Painting the kitchen flared up an old shoulder injury?

If you’re reading this article you probably want to make a change and start to feel better. Whether that’s setting a wellness goal, living as close to pain-free as possible, or regaining some independence a physical therapist can help.

We Believe You CAN!

This year amidst all the hustle, bustle, reflection and goal setting, there is help to keep you on target and remind you of ways we can help you achieve physical wellness goals.

At Bourassa & Associates, we can work with your budget to develop a plan that works with and for you. Book a assessment and we can outline our recommendations while working with a payment plan that works for you. By setting up both expectations and cost at the beginning you will feel great knowing you are getting the help you need within your means.

Physical Therapists: Personal Coach & Cheerleaders!

Aside from all the mentioned areas of expertise, Physical Therapists treat a myriad of pain-related conditions that decrease your daily energy and optimization. When you are in pain other areas of your life are out of balance. You may feel negative, exhausted, frustrated and miss out on the things you love doing.

At Bourassa & Associates, our university trained physical therapists design tailored treatment plans to fit all of your goals and needs.

Here are some conditions that physical therapists and exercise physiologists can help with:

Aren’t Physical Therapists Just for Rehabilitation?

NO! The role of Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists include a broad range of:

Sports Training

Fitness Goal Setting

Senior Fitness (improved balance/stability & physical confidence)

Wellness Programs

Injuries and Rehabilitation

Chronic Diseases


Rehabilitation of all Joint, Muscle and Nervous System Disorders

Pain Reduction

Neck and Back Problems

TMJ and Headache

Frozen Shoulders


Visceral Manipulation

Muscle Injuries

Dizziness and Balance

Pelvic Health (male/female/pediatric)

Work Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries


Movement, Strength and Mobility Restoration

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand Problems

Hip, Knee, Foot and Ankle Problems

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Car Accident Rehabilitation

Stroke, MS, and Parkinson's Rehabilitation


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University Trained Therapists

No Doctor's Referral Needed

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Everyone needs a little help reaching their goals sometimes. Let Bourassa & Associates help you reach your goal this year.  Together we will make a plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve whatever you set your heart to.

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