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The onset of osteoporosis can make you vulnerable to repeat bone fractures and falling. Protect yourself with some basic physiotherapy training.

Did you know your bones are living tissue that break down and then restore itself? Osteoporosis is a condition that causes your bones to become brittle and weak leaving them susceptible to fractures and breaks. Peak bone mass occurs during adolescence to young adulthood and then declines every year beyond age 30. According to Osteoporosis Canada, this condition is called the “‘silent thief’ because bone loss occurs without symptoms unless one is fractured and is more common than heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined.” Since there is no warning sign of osteoporosis it is important to build strong bones and muscles from an early age.

Facts on Osteoporosis

  • Osteoporosis occurs when old bone tissue breaks down and new bone cannot keep up with replacing it.
  • Most common fracture or breaks from osteoporosis are the hip, wrist, or spine.
  • Osteoporosis can affect everyone but age, race, sex, and genetics are all contributing risk factors.
  • Aging women and menopausal women are at the highest risk.
  • Hormones, diet, exercise, medical conditions and lifestyle choices can all increase the risk.
  • 80% of all fractures in people 50+ are caused by osteoporosis (Osteoporosis Canada)
  • Building strong bones at an early age is important to reduce the onset of Osteoporosis.

Pain & Symptoms

There are usually no symptoms of Osteoporosis until your bones have already become weakened and degenerated. Then you may experience the following:

  • Easily fracture bones or repeat fractures (especially the wrist, hip, or spine).
  • Stooped posture and loss of height
  • Back pain
  • Hip pain

Cause & Treatment

One of the greatest treatments is exercise that combines strength training, balance, and high-impact exercise. A physical examination by our team of university trained therapists at Bourassa & Associates can determine an effective treatment plan to reduce the onset of osteoporosis and your chance of accidents due to falling. Our therapists will design a tailored treatment plan that can include but is not limited to:

  • Strength Training
  • Balance Training
  • Impact Exercise
  • Restoring posture through exercise and stretching
  • Lifestyle changes

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