Your Rights and Responsibilities as our Client

As members of your health care team, we rely on you to take an active part in your own care. Please consider these client rights and responsibilities.

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At Bourassa & Associates, we care about your health and well-being. As members of your health care team, we rely on you to take an active part in your own care. We ask you to please consider these client rights and responsibilities.

As our client, you have a right to:

  1. be treated with respect in a safe place that is free from abuse or harassment
  2. know the name and professional training of the person who treats you
  3. ask questions and take part in decisions about your own health
  4. have clear information about your diagnosis and treatment – we will talk to you in language that you can understand
  5. privacy. Your examination, records, treatment, and conversations with your health care worker are confidential
  6. get information about our clinic policies and practices that relate to your care
  7. voice any concerns you may have about your care – you may get a verbal or written answer. Your care will not be affected
  8. promptly get any medical records you need – there may be a fee for preparing the documents
  9. refuse treatment and if you do, the potential outcome will be clearly explained to you
  10. choose someone to make decisions and/or speak for you if you are not able to
  11. be referred to another health care provider if you need treatment that we can’t provide

As our client, you are responsible to

  1. act in a considerate and cooperative manner with staff and other clients
  2. speak openly and honestly about your medical history and health care
  3. try to understand your health problems or look for answers if you do not understand
  4. follow your treatment plan and tell your care provider if you can’t follow it
  5. tell your care provider of any changes in your health
  6. accept the outcome if you refuse treatment, or fail to follow your care provider’s instructions
  7. come on time to your appointments
  8. cancel appointments only when necessary – please promptly tell us if you can’t make it so that someone else can use that appointment time

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