Primary Treatment

Average Cost: $40-$100/day


  • To provide accurate assessment and treatment of an injury to maximize recovery.
    To provide appropriate rehabilitation in the early stages of recovery from an injury
    Individual may or may not be working.
    Individual has not received previous treatment for the injury.
    Is usually less than 6 weeks since the injury.
    There may be adequate funding within the client’s group plan to sponsor this type of program.


  • Biomechanical care (physical therapy) at regular intervals specific to the needs of the injury.
    A regional, global and/or functional conditioning program is prescribed depending on chronicity and needs of the injury.
    Average program length 6 weeks.

Comprehensive Multi-hour per day Treatment

Cost can range from $1000-$5000+
4-7.5 hours/day, 3-5 days per week
Length often between 4-12 weeks.
Sedentary tolerance development program


  • To provide treatment to an individual who is in a long-term disability situation.
    Due to the nature of the injury and duration off work, multi hour per day programming is required to adequately prepare the injured body region to safely return the client to the work place.


  • Client is commonly off work on LTD.
    The sponsor of this type of program is usually the third party insurer.
    Clients usually enter into this program as a result of undergoing a multi-disciplinary or FRAC assessment.

Components may include:

  • Biomechanical assessment (physical therapist) and regular treatment.
    Regional conditioning program to strengthen the specific injured structure.
    Global conditioning program to address deconditioning concerns, which often accompany higher levels of chronicity.
    Functional conditioning program to develop specific work tolerances.
    Goal setting to define intermediate and end goals of the program.
    1 on 1 client education regarding stages of tissue healing, principles of hurt versus harm and functional model of recovery.
    Functional abilities evaluations and aerobic assessments at regular intervals to monitor client’s progress on program.
    Development of a medically monitored return to work program if requested.
    Regular reports are generated at four weeks intervals summarizing care and progress.


  • Job site visits- $82.50/hour to address ergonomic concerns, objectify job demands in the workplace, including a report documenting demands/recommendations. Job site visits are provided anywhere in the province of Saskatchewan.
    Management by a psychologist to overcome psychosocial issues if contributing to chronicity. Adds $100/contact hour.
    Vocational rehabilitation. Adds $75/hour.