Medical Legal Assessment and Consulting

As a result of providing services to large insurers and the legal community for almost two decades, Bourassa & Associates has developed a strong understanding of the complexities of insurance contracts and legislation related to disability and personal injury. In this area we offer a variety of services to assist the legal community (plaintiff or defense) with personal injury, health law and disability related litigation. Assessment services include:

  • Life Care Planning/Cost of Future Care Evaluation
    Report Critique
    Preparation for cross examination
    Functional Capacity Evaluation

Life Care Planning/Cost of Future Care Evaluation

  • Based on published standards of practice and methodology, we provide a detailed plan for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic health needs.
    This evaluation presents a plan that addresses the client’s pre injury and post injury functional status and delineates associated costs for current and future medical, therapeutic and functional needs.

Report Critique

  • To ensure the accuracy and quality of rehabilitative and functional information. Based on the best available evidence, we provide medical-legal critique of reports.

Preparation for cross examination

  • Guided preparation for cross examination allows you to develop a deeper understanding of the weaknesses and/or strengths of rehabilitative or functional information to maximize the effectiveness of your cross examination.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

This comprehensive evaluation is designed to assess the individual’s objective ability to perform work and/or activities of daily living. Based on a best practice model of utilizing valid and reliable assessment practices, several questions are commonly answered:

  • Is the client able to return to pre-injury work and lifestyle demands?
    Did the client provide maximal effort?
    Are the client’s reports of function and disability accurate and reliable?
    Is the client able to return to the demands of an alternate vocation?


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Our Mission

Bourassa & Associates Rehabilitation Centre is committed to delivering premium multidisciplinary rehabilitation services utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions. Professionals utilize a holistic view of the individual and an understanding of the effect of activity limitation on the body, person and society to enable clients to achieve maximal function in work and lifestyle pursuits.