Richard Bourassa, B.P.T., M.Sc., Dip.Manip.PT., FCAMPT

Partner at Bourassa & Associates Rehabilitation Centre. Administrative Chair for the Partnership, as well as Administrative Chair for Multi-disciplinary Assessments. Trained at the University of Saskatchewan. Richard has been a physiotherapist for 33 years. He has attained his M.Sc. in Community Health and Epidemiology, also has expertise in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, work hardening, and Functional Capacity Evaluations. Richard is a registered instructor with the Canadian Orthopaedic Division, as well as Chief Examiner with the Canadian Orthopaedic Division. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor with the School of Physical Therapy, as well as part time Lecturer with the College of Dentistry.

Anne-Marie Graham, B.Sc.(P.T.), Cert.Med.Acup., C.A.F.C.I., S.P.C. (Dip.)

Partner at Bourassa & Associates Rehabilitation Centre. Anne-Marie is the managing partner for Human Resources and oversees the insured primary treatment services at Bourassa & Associates. Anne-Marie was trained at the University of Western Ontario graduating in 1982. Anne-Marie has been a physiotherapist for over 27 years with expertise in the treatment and management of pelvic floor and pelvic pain conditions, chronic pain and sports physical therapy. Anne-Marie received the Y.W.C.A. Women of Distinction award in 2004 for community recognition of her work in the physical therapy profession. Anne-Marie also has a faculty position with the University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine, 1995-present and currently teaches in the new Master’s of Physical Therapy Program. She holds advanced credentials in Women’s health, and achieved the Canadian Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute Certification in 1989, Certificate in Medical Acupuncture in 1989, Certificate in Intramuscular Stimulation in 1995, and Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy in 1999.

Associates in the Clinic

Denise Cherkas, B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, Cert.Med.Acup., SPD (Cert)
Christine Epp, B.Sc.(P.T.), CWCE
Linda James, B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, B.S.P.E.
Dean Hoscheit, B.P.E., C.E.P.
Stacey Lovo Grona, B.Sc.(P.T.), M.Sc.
Ryan Dueck, B.Sc.(Kin), BMR, O.T. Reg.(Sask), M.Sc.
Michael Vandevan, B.Sc.(P.T.), B.Sc.(Kin)
Amber Rollack, B.Sc.(P.T.), M.Cl.Sc., Cert.Med.Acup., C.G.I.M.S.,
Brenna Bath, B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT
Andrea Schick, B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, C.A.F.C.I.
Curtis Gasmo, B.Sc.(Biochem), B.Sc.(P.T.)
Erica Gasmo, B.Sc.(Kin), B.Sc.(P.T.)
Regan Coulter, B.Sc.(P.T.), B.Sc.(Anat), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT
Jaclyn Gaucher, B.Sc.(Kin), B.Sc.(P.T.)
Tyler Friesen, B.Sc.(Biochem), B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, C.G.I.M.S.
Chad Loverin, B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.
Kathy Warkentin, B.Sc.(P.T.)
Faye Georget, B.Sc.(Nutr), B.Sc.(PT)
Darryl Vasko, B.Sc.(P.E.), C.E.P.
Kent Earle, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T., C.G.I.M.S.
Dean Watson, B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P., M.P.T., C.G.I.M.S.
Katie Crockett, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Maja Stroh, B.Sc.(Biochem), M.P.T.
Jolene Blixt, B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.
Janelle Parnitsky, B.E.S.S., M.O.T., O.T.Reg.(Sask)
Melissa Turk, B.Sc.(P.T.), FCAMPT
Mackenzie Fast, B.Sc.(P.T.), M.P.T.
Kendra Usunier, BMR (P.T.), M.CI.Sc., FCAMPT
Jennifer Clemence, M.P.T.
Alaina Risi, B.Sc.(Kin), M.Sc.(P.T.)
Kristen Moore, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Trent Rempel, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Derek Bisaro, B.Sc.(Bio), M.P.T.
Calla Belyk, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Cody Tkachuk, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Shelby Schemenauer, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Darren Johnson, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Braden Polreis, B.Sc.(PHPY), M.P.T.
Jason Coulthard, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Jenna Wood, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Matthew Okrainec, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T., C.S.C.S.
Jeremy Costley, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.
Leah White, B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T., C.A.F.C.I.