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Canine (Dog) Rehabilitation Available – Effective June 7, 2016 – Fee $78 initial visit, $61 thereafter. Located at our Fairlight Dr. location. Contact us at 306-665-1962 for further information.

NEW LOCATION now open in Moose Jaw at 3-58 Highland Rd, 306-693-2882.

IMMEDIATE appointments available at all locations.

Assessment – $80
Treatment – $56
Post $500 Treatment Cost – $51

High Volume Treatment Cost Reduction

Effective August 19th, 2013 Bourassa & Associates would like to offer all patients who have spent $500.00 in the current year for their own treatment, a reduced treatment cost for the rest of the calendar year.

Future treatment costs for a regular appointment will be $51.00/session for the rest of that calendar year.

You will pay regular fees starting again on Jan 1, 2014 until you have maxed out at $500.00, and again you will be eligible for the reduced treatment cost for the rest of that calendar year.

If you have spent more than $500.00 this year we will not be going back and crediting your account, but will offer you the reduced rate on your next appointment in this calendar year.

We hope that this change will assist our patients who have higher costs.

Job Openings

We are currently hiring for the positions of an occupational therapist at our Saskatoon location. Click here for more information on these positions.

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The Mechanics for the Human Body

Bourassa & Associates Rehabilitation Centre is committed to delivering premium multidisciplinary rehabilitation services utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions. Professionals utilize a holistic view of the individual and an understanding of the effect of activity limitation on the body, person and society to enable clients to achieve maximal function in work and lifestyle pursuits.

Bourassa and Associates Rehabilitation Centre has been serving provincial rehabilitation needs since 1986. We provide professional multidisciplinary rehabilitation services integrating orthopaedic manual therapy within a functional rehabilitation model to ensure the client obtains optimal recovery.

Multidisciplinary Assessments and Functional Capacity Evaluations are available from fully credentialed practitioners.

The centre is a fully equipped 12,000 sq. ft. assessment and treatment facility. This allows us to provide services through all stages of recovery, from acute injury to multi-disciplinary chronic pain management.

Delivering Premium Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Service
Bourassa & Associates